Mixing it up a bit!

I was recently asked to make a chocolate kransekake as a wedding cake. The bride-to-be was Danish and kransekake is traditional at Danish celebrations, however, the groom was English and loved chocolate cake. So, they wanted to incorporate both of their favourite cakes. A chocolate kransekake is not something I had ever come across, but was up for the challenge of creating one.

It turned out to be an amazing invention! I created my own recipe and it was a huge success. I have made a few since, and shall make more in the future! The image below shows a 36 ring kransekake split into top and bottom halves, ready for assembly.

I'm not sure what the Scandinavians would have to say about their long standing traditional recipe being shaken up a bit, but I'd ask them to try it before they dismiss the idea!

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