Henley Royal Regatta - the perfect excuse for baking a kransekake or two

regatta kransekake

For the adult population of Henley-on-Thames, Henley Royal Regatta marks the start of the summer. In town, the bunting is up, the streets are teaming with gigantic men and women and, more often than not (thankfully), the sun comes out to play.

Racing runs from Wednesday to Sunday over the first weekend of July, providing plenty of opportunity for both locals and tourists to head on down to the river and catch a race or two.

For us, each year the Sunday of regatta is picnic day. We rent a spot by the river with friends, park up, set up and pop some corks before tucking into an inevitably epic picnic. In my (slightly biased) opinion, no picnic is complete without a kransekake. So this year, as in most years, I baked one for us to share with our friends. As always it was a big hit.

Now, I know the Norwegians like to munch on a stick or two of kransekake with a nice cup of coffee, and we do too, but sometimes we like to spice things up a bit. Did you know that kransekake and prosecco (or Champagne if you're feeling extravagant) are a match made in heaven? Try it... you'll love it!

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