A little bit about us...

"I have Norwegian heritage and love everything about the country. Most of all I love their baking. I watched my Norwegian grandfather make kransekake from an early age and now many years later I not only bake them for family special occasions, but for kransekake lovers across the UK too".

Owner and chief baker, Jenny


Kransekake / Kransekage literally means ‘ring cake’. It’s a traditional Norwegian and Danish celebration cake shaped into rings that is usually eaten on special occasions. Made from ground almonds, egg whites and icing sugar, kransekake is not only delicious, it’s also fine for non-dairy diets and people with gluten intolerance. It is deliciously rich so not much is needed per person.


Decoration can be fully customised to suit a theme or personal preference.


This beautiful cake is very popular with Danish and Norwegians and we have never met anyone that doesn't like it, ever! Based in Oxfordshire, we bake our kransekake on-site and deliver across the UK.


Our kitchen has been given the highest possible Food Standards Agency  'very good' hygene rating by South Oxfordshire District Council.

The kransekage or KRANSEKAKE (literally wreath cake) is a traditional Danish (kransekage) and Norwegian (kransekake 'tower CAKE', usually eaten on special occasions